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Summer is here and that means dogs on the run. Everywhere you look in Billings you will find our furry friends working out with their human counterparts…some on foot, some on bikes and some on longboards. Regardless of the transportation mode, a happy dog on a leash running next his owner means a healthier lifestyle for both canine and human.?????????????????????????????????

Studies confirm that dog owners are more likely to exercise regularly and are fitter and healthier than their poochless colleagues. According to research by Michigan State University dog owners are 34 percent more likely to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week than people with other pets or none at all.

With all that running, dogs, like humans, can suffer from exercise-related injuries. The Animal Clinic of Billings’ canine physical rehabilitation program utilizes therapeutic exercise, laser therapy, stem cell regeneration therapy and a variety of other methods to improve function and promote healing. Whether it is stiff joints, sore muscles, strained ligaments or torn paw pads, canine PRT helps to decrease pain, improve cardiovascular fitness, and increase joint mobility, muscle strength and endurance.

Call us for more information on canine physical therapy, physical conditioning and overall fitness programs, 252-9499. The Animal Clinic of Billings is here to help you and Fido hit the trail running all summer and year round.