Dog Ear Cropping Post Op

  • Recheck ear crop bandages with our veterinarian at five-to-seven days post op for sedated bandage change at no charge
  • Recheck five-to-seven days later (10-to-14-day post op) for scheduled suture removal and probable re-taping of the ears. At this visit, if you are interested, we will teach you how to tape your pet’s ears at home.
  • Additionally, we can dispense the proper tape for the procedure.
  • Dr. Brown can and will meet with anyone whose pets’ ears are not standing correctly at no charge for that exam and consultation.
  • As long as you, the owner/caregiver do your responsible part, all visits, bandages, hospital charges and sedation will be provided free of charge for 21 days (three weeks) following surgery.

Thank you for entrusting the care of your pet to the Animal Clinic of Billings.


veterinarian Dr. Ken Brown, dog ear cropping

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