The Animal Clinic of Billings is a small animal veterinary hospital centrally located just north of Grand Avenue at 1414 10th Street West. The Animal Clinic has been caring for companion animals since its founding in 1981 by Ken Brown, DVM.

We are open seven days a week (Monday-Sunday) to serve you and your pet. Even after taking precautions, accidents and illnesses can still happen.

Animal Clinic of Billings Animal Surgery Clinic
Animal Clinic of Billings and Animal Surgery Clinic

At the Animal Clinic of Billings and Animal Surgery Clinic, emergency and critical care services are available 24/7 throughout the holiday season and year-round to help you and your pets though any situation that may occur. Our patients consist primarily of dogs and cats and we welcome rabbits, ferrets, and other pocket pets. In addition to routine veterinary procedures we offer physical rehabilitation, and many specialized surgical procedures including orthopedics, advanced dental care, cosmetic surgery, and ear cropping.

If your dog or cat has a broken leg, a broken back or some other severely broken bone or fracture, our orthopedic surgery team at the Animal Clinic of Billings and Animal Surgery Clinic are here to help! Many of the surgical procedures performed by Dr. Brown and Dr. Sherburne at the Animal Clinic of Billings and Animal Surgery Clinic on any given day can be among the most advanced and cutting-edge veterinary surgical procedures.

Veterinarians Dr. Sherburne and Dr. Brown

Doctors Brown and Sherburne have more than 65 years combined veterinary practice experience and have successfully managed thousands of complex orthopedic injuries.

Drs. Brown and Sherburne provide arthroscopic joint surgery, advanced ACL and CrCL injury procedures in Billings, including TPLO and TTA, partial and complete joint fusions, elbow dysplasia surgeries including PAUL, and CUE, total hip replacements, and advanced limb straightening procedures. Additionally, the perform advanced forms of spine surgery, knee surgery, shoulder surgery, pelvic fracture surgery, bone grafting, and torn or ruptured ligament repair procedures on dogs and cats.

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Providing our region’s companion animals and their families what they need and deserve since 1981

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