• Reduce lameness and inflammation
  • Improve use of limb
  • Improve daily functions
  • Prevent further injuries

Benefits of Exercise:

  • Facilitates the rate of recovery
  • Improves the quality of movement
  • Noninvasive

Your dog’s External Fixation will be in place for 6-8 weeks. It will need to be kept clean, dry and bandaged for this time. Keeping him or her occupied with chew toys and treats may be helpful to distract your dog from chewing his or her bandages off.  

Your dog’s bandage needs to be changed every 3-5 days if it is clean and dry, but sooner if wet or soiled. 

The following supplies will be needed for bandage changes: 

  • Nitrofurazone ointment
  • 4×4 gauze sponges
  • 2 inch cast padding and 2 inch vet wrap 

Open each sponge into a rectangle (4×8), apply approximately a dime size dollop of ointment to the center of each sponge, wrap a sponge around pin. Then wrap cast padding around entire device, follow the cast padding with vet wrap. 

Your dog will need to be kept quiet and inactive for quite some time. Please keep him or her in an area where your dog will not be likely to catch his or her External Fixation on fences or objects (especially avoid chain link fence). However, your dog may go on short 3-5 minute walks a few timed daily.

  • Avoid Stairs, running, jumping, and rough play
  • Your dog should have rechecks with a veterinarian at least once every month.
  • Upon review of x-rays, the External Fixation may be removed between 6 and 8 weeks following surgery.   

Once the External Fixation is removed, your dog’s leg will be placed into a cylinder soft cast with hard splints on each side. The cast will be on for 4-6 weeks with weekly checks and changes. Gradually the hard splints will be removed and the foot portion of the cast released. 

Once your dog is out of the cast a custom splint may be necessary. 

Thank you for your commitment to this long process. Please call us anytime that you have questions or concerns.


veterinarian Dr. Ken Brown

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