• Because your dog is uncoordinated, he or she could easily get hurt if allowed to roam free in the house especially around steps or stairs. We recommend you keep your dog confined or under your direct supervision. Soft, dry bedding, at least 1 inch in thickness, must be supplied to prevent pressure sores from developing. 
  • Superficial heat 2-3 times daily will be helpful.  Place a towel between your dog’s lower back and the warm pack. Remove in 15-20 minutes. When using heat check the skin every 2-3 minutes for redness or over heating.
  • Passive range of motion exercises for all of your dogs limbs will help to reduce atrophy and encourage use. Gently grasp your dog’s paw and move each limb in flowing, circular, forward to backward movements. This exercise may be done lying or sitting. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions, several times daily.

Weight shifting exercises will help your dog to regain balance and coordination. Stand your dog squarely on firm footing and gently nudge his or her side at the point of the hip to make the weight shift onto the other leg and support ones self. Alternate from side to side. At first some support may be necessary to avoid falling. As proprioceptive ability is regained the shifts may be made more challenging. Begin with a 30 second session and gradually increase to 5 minutes per session.

  • If your dog shows worsening of neurological status, such as breathing difficulties, or change in movement in the front limbs, you should contact our hospital or your regular veterinary hospital immediately.  
  • Sutures will need to be removed 3 weeks from the date of surgery.  
  • At 1 month from surgery we would like to reevaluate your dog to asses neurological status and evaluate restrictions. Until that time no running, playing, stairs or unsupervised activity. Regardless of what your dog says!

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